Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Socks

A friend posted on Facebook about making "summer socks," so I asked what they were. 

She answered by sharing this link, which included several steps for improving your feet for summer.  Of the process, the write shares about "summer socks."  In short, you take a pair of old no-show socks, cut out the toe half then slip them on to heals covered in vaseline, lotion or whatever your emollient of choice.  According to my friend, your feet do not get hot while sleeping in them - which is my number one reason for not sleeping in socks.

So, I was inspired...I found a pair of socks in my sock bin for my project.  My friend suggested cutting the socks at my arch.  Here's the problem with that - I don't have one.  I swear my feet are so flat, they invert.  Problem two, I get more movement when I sleep than I probably do awake, so I was worried about the socks rolling up in the night and just being around my ankles.

As a solution, I cut more of a flip-flop shape at the toe area, leaving about 1/4" of fabric to go between my first and second toes.  Voila - they worked beautifully!  I slathered on some Vicks (I've had some slight congestion with summer allergies), slipped on my flip-flop socks and was comfy all evening.  Sadly, I cut one string too narrow and it broke between my toes.  I'm already plotting to do this with another pair making some improvements to my revised design.

Before panic sets in, the wilted plant is fine.  Just needed some water.  What?  You were more concerned by the thing on my toe?  No worries, it's henna. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Most of my life, I've heard, seen and read numerous people claim Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." as their verse.  The motto for their trust and faith, if you will.  They wear it, scream it, whisper it, pray it and update FB and/or twitter with it.  It's the signature in emails and clung to when the world doesn't make sense.

I've been pondering this verse for a while now, and forgive me if it seems to be sacrilegious, but how does anyone know that this verse wasn't intended for Jeremiah alone?  For that matter, how do we know that any of the verses written as conversation, be it as assurance or instruction, are meant for us to also take heart in? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Odd Always Odd

I have had more than a handful of people make remarks in the last few months about how lucky I am to:

1.  not have to share a closet
2.  not have to share a bathroom
3.  not have to check-in/consider anyone else when making plans
4.  not have anyone else involved in my finances

as if this is the life I dreamed about when I was a little girl.  While I'm trying hard to be grateful every day and to garner any contentment and satisfaction from the blessings I have, make no mistake, I do not choose to be alone in this world.  I wish I did.  Then, I wouldn't resent fairy tales, reality shows like the Bachelor(ette) and all the lovey-dovey folks I encounter regularly.  I wouldn't feel looked over, rejected, incredibly disappointed and like the permanent odd in a world full of evens.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tap tap tap...

Is this thing still on?

It's been so long since I last posted, that any apology or excuse I make would be an insult to anyone reading this post, so I'll refrain and simply jump in...

Life has been happening.  Traveling, softball, t-ball and lots of swimming is where my time has been spent.

Sadly, death has happened too.  A co-worker lost her husband of 22 years in a tragic accident last weekend.  I am really proud of all the ways our corporate staff has pulled together in support of her.  Without blinking, everyone has picked up some area of her responsibilities to allow her the time she needs to figure out her and her son's new world.

With the nature of my job, as well as our relationship, I have visited often to deliver food, paperwork and the like to her.  I've seen very few people as heartbroken as she is.  My cousin who lost her husband to a heart attack at 42 and my uncle who lost my aunt last October are it.  From all appearances, they all had very similar love stories.  When I think of any of them, the other is immediately involved.  They were so connected that it was a struggle to see them as individuals.

Today, while visiting my co-worker, she said several had asked if she had any regrets.  Her answer, "only that he isn't here.  I never felt anything less than fully loved by him."  I told her I knew he had to feel the same - and that is beautiful.  That folks, is the real-life fairy tale.  Sure they had struggles, but through them all, they were loved by each other unconditionally.  And while their time together was cut short, they are so lucky to have had that kind of love. 

It's not available to everyone.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

When words don't come...

Pictures do...

The first three photos were taken during the Blog Gals' Spring Fling 2012 at Madden's and Downton Uncorked in Bryan.

This last one was taken in the backyard of Jenn's house - she was an amazing hostess anad the bluebonnets in her pasture were breathtaking! This picture is being printed (as I type!) as a wrapped canvas for my new house. I love that I am incorporating a picture I took from a precious friend's house in my new home.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Who's afraid of commitment?

A few years ago an acquaitance joked I might be afraid of commitment (after I relayed that I had tried soccer, softball, basketball, swimming, etc. for one year each). If that were ever the case, I don't think anyone could accuse me of it now.

On December 22nd, I made a commitment that will last until I die. I had permanent eyeliner done. And I love it!

My coworkers and I had been talking about it for a while. One jumped in and had her lips lined and the other had her eyes done. I was impressed with how both turned out and called to schedule my appointment.

I walked into a spa-like room - there was calming music, a waterfall fountain and a super comfortable bed/chair/table thing set up. I settled in and the artist and I talked about what I wanted. She removed my existing eye make up and applied a numbing gel. Then she turned out the lights and left me to relax for about 30 minutes so the numbing could work. When she came back in, she made an initial slit with the tattoo gun and applied more numbing gel. The slit burned a little - like a papercut, but wasn't exactly painful. After another 20 minute wait, it was time for color.

The sound of the tattoo gun was a touch unnerving at first, but I got over it pretty quickly. She started by lining my upper right lid, then the lower lid. I felt pressure and a slight tickle, but it was not painful at all. The outside corner of my right lower lid got a little uncomfortable. I must have flinched a little because she asked me about it. I told her it hurt a little, but I could bear it. She wouldn't allow it - and instead applied more numbing gel and did my left eye.

About halfway through my left eye, she commented I was the easiest client she'd ever had. I told her I was afraid of being the biggest wuss, so I had retreated to my happy place. In my mind, I was on a white sandy beach in Mexico with a cabana boy supplying bottomless strawberry daiquiris. She laughed at that.

She finished up my left eye and wiped the excess ink off my lids. I was surprised it was over so quickly and told her I would have to cancel my second daiquiri. She finished my right lower eyelid and that was that. My eyes felt a little heavy as I drove home - puffy more than tired.

I applied a cold eyemask to help with swelling. It had holes for my eyes, so I could continue with plans - helping with Christmas decorations, wrapping gifts, etc. By the time my mom saw me that afternoon, I had minimal swelling, but had developed some bruising. The next morning, they were more swollen (probably from sitting up and doing too much the day prior), so I reapplied the chilled mask. By Christmas eve night, I was back to normal and wore a light coating of mascara. I did the same for church on Sunday.

By Tuesday, I wore my regular make up. It took me less than 10 minutes to put my face on - a huge improvement over my 20+ minute routine. I know that sounds like a ridiculous difference - but I would apply eyeliner, then clean it up, then mascara, then clean up any smudges, then apply eyeliner again most mornings. I'm so much lower maintenance now, haha!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Tunes

These three songs have topped my playlist lately. I recommend them highly and hope they speak to you as well.

Sorry it's a concert video - but it's pretty good quality.

Another not great video - but that just makes it easier to listen to the song at work since you know you are not missing anything visually. Ha!

This one has spoken to my heart lately.

I saw Tenth Avenue North in concert on Friday and it was a great show. Trevor Morgan (first video) opened with a few acoustic songs (amazingly talented!) and Third Day headlined (also fantastic). Enjoy...