Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Socks

A friend posted on Facebook about making "summer socks," so I asked what they were. 

She answered by sharing this link, which included several steps for improving your feet for summer.  Of the process, the write shares about "summer socks."  In short, you take a pair of old no-show socks, cut out the toe half then slip them on to heals covered in vaseline, lotion or whatever your emollient of choice.  According to my friend, your feet do not get hot while sleeping in them - which is my number one reason for not sleeping in socks.

So, I was inspired...I found a pair of socks in my sock bin for my project.  My friend suggested cutting the socks at my arch.  Here's the problem with that - I don't have one.  I swear my feet are so flat, they invert.  Problem two, I get more movement when I sleep than I probably do awake, so I was worried about the socks rolling up in the night and just being around my ankles.

As a solution, I cut more of a flip-flop shape at the toe area, leaving about 1/4" of fabric to go between my first and second toes.  Voila - they worked beautifully!  I slathered on some Vicks (I've had some slight congestion with summer allergies), slipped on my flip-flop socks and was comfy all evening.  Sadly, I cut one string too narrow and it broke between my toes.  I'm already plotting to do this with another pair making some improvements to my revised design.

Before panic sets in, the wilted plant is fine.  Just needed some water.  What?  You were more concerned by the thing on my toe?  No worries, it's henna. 

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